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Beneath the food stuff and all of the other things in life we use to define ourselves is our very essence as a person. We think that's what is most important to evaluate when choosing someone to work with. To give you a sense of who we are:


Shelly Tannehill

Coach & Astrologer

  • Shelly's personality: warm, loving, calming, accepting, wise & insightful "<Shelly quote>"

Azure Moyna

Coach & Surprise Extraordinaire

  • Azure's personality: enthusiastic, creative, a little sassy with a sense of humor. "Beyond helping women, and spending time with my husband and daughter one of my greatest loves is surprises. I'm a little obsessed with them. I love surprising people, I love being surprised, I love how life is full of surprises. I truly can't wait to see what surprises the universe have as in store for you as you embark on this journey!"
  • Our philosophy on food: savor! Food is one of the great pleasures of life and life is too short not to order the specialty of the house, to not enjoy fine wine, craft beer, smelly cheese, or exquisite chocolates. However, we also believe in balance- one cannot gorge and savor at the same time. Savoring requires a present, unhurried focus on pleasure.
  • Our philosophy on movement: We believe in body movement that makes you feel alive! We don't believe in exercise that feels punishing. We do believe however, that exercise that makes you feel alive can be challenging or just fun- it's about listening to the body.
  • Our philosophy on body: the female body is natural and beautiful in whatever shape or form it comes in. Just like flowers in a bouquet, we are not all supposed to look the same- how boring would that be! If you're a daffodil, instead of spending time and energy trying to become an orchid, getting frustrated that you're not having luck transforming into an orchid, pondering how unfair it is that you weren't born an orchid, basque in the incredible splendor of being a beautiful flower.
  • Our view of astrology & oracle: We are made of star matter. We are also mostly water, and we know the affect the moon has on the oceans tides. It is not a stretch to believe in the possibility that the sun, moon and planets have a profound affect on us. "<quote shelly when did U know it was real?>"
  • Background: Azure & Shelly hold leadership roles in Biomedical and Finance, respectively. "Knowledge of the body gained through my BS in Animal Physiology & Neuroscience along with investigative skills honed through my MS degree and 15 years on the job, integrated with the mind body approach from the Eating Psychology program makes for a thorough, multi- faceted approach to get at the root of a woman's relationship with food." "<Shelly quote>"
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Our Story

It was the first evening of the Geneen Roth retreat and it was finally dinner time. We were instructed to sit but not begin eating until all women were seated and Geneen had said a few words (the tomato vegetable soup scene in Women, Food and God for those who are familiar). Seated at the same table, we introduced ourselves. You know how when you're at a restaurant and you see people having a great date? The kind of date where you can tell they just met but you can also sense that it's the beginning of something big? I'd like to think the universe was smiling on us as we got to know each other, oblivious of the amazing friendship and professional collaboration that was to come. Our fast friendship made the retreat even better and after we got home, on our first call Shelly introduced Azure to astrology, not the magazine horoscope variety, but real in depth astrology. As you'll learn in your session "you just can't make this stuff up." Over the next few years, Azure and Shelly would continue their own work on themselves before expanding their repertoire with coaching, astrology and spiritual certifications. Eventually Soul Food Coach was born and Shelly and Azure are able to take the very best of what they have learned to help other women.

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Our Story

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